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Where Will the Devil Find you?

In I Peter 5:8, the Apostle Peter warns his readers concerning the devil. He says that the devil prowls like a roaring lion seeking to devour and he seeks and knows where to find us in order to devour us.

For example, the devil found Samson in the arms of pagan and immoral women. He found Judas where power and money were traded. He found Jesus hungry and tired in the desert alone and struggling in the garden.

He always knows where to look in order to find and devour you. He finds you online because there is stuff there you should not see; in your car in heavy traffic when you are in a hurry and least patient; when you are broke and would compromise honesty and generosity to get what you want; after a fight, insult or offense when revenge is planned. He knows exactly where to find you in order to devour you and draw you into sin.

Of course, there are places where he cannot find you, places where his power cannot overcome you. This is when you are in the Word and prayer; worshipping, fellowshipping and serving with other Christians. These are places where he knows he is not welcome and his power is severely limited.

Here are a few things to remember the next time you sense him nearby:

If he has found you it is because you are where you are not supposed to be. Be aware and avoid the places where you know he is going to be.

When attacked, stand firm. How? Say no, ask God for help and He will defend you.

Try to fill your time with things and places where you know that God will be.

By: Mike Mazzalongo

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